Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vegetating at the monitor

Telling it like it is

More on censorship

In 2014, we're not allowed to show a naked vinyl doll on a book cover.

Yet, in 1973, the music group Rare Earth produced an album titled simply "Ma" and nobody blinked an eye.

My taste in popular music is more or less frozen in the ballads of the fifties and sixties.  Remember "Unchained Melody", or the Brothers Four singing "Green Fields?"

However, when I saw the album pictured above, I bought it for the cover art.  Still have it in a box somewhere.  Then, as now, I find it hilarious.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Censorship is alive and well in the book world

I discovered, when I published "Sold!" that there were limits to what you can show on the covers of books.  Smashwords, for example, doesn't allow butt cracks to be shown on the cover of a book.  Imagine that.

Well, get this, dear readers:  neither Smashwords nor Amazon will allow naked dolls to be shown, hence the cover for the next George and Mike book had to be modified.

Here's the way I wanted it to look:

Unfortunately, Mrs. Grundy and company won't allow either mammary glands or crotches, even if they're plastic.

As a result, the book cover now looks like this:

And the world is now safe from the horrors of nudity.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Truer Words Were Never Displayed

Interesting View

New Novel available

Miss Lucy is back in this new novel by Antonio.

The Miss Lucy Case Files #1 -

 Miss Lucy and

 the Pussy Brigade

Miss Lucy dreaded training new agents in the field, more than almost anything else she had to do for the organization. This mission had already started off badly due to the fact she was retraining agent Buck Taggerty—or ‘the fool’ as she liked to call him. As handsome as the man was, he tended to do some fairly foolish things. Without a doubt, he was good at handling weapons and could be handy in a pinch, but Miss Lucy still cringed at the thought of dealing with him. The team was supposed to be working a simple retrieval case involving one little pussycat statue, but things went crazy to a slapstick comedy level. As serious as the case was, it would become legendary among the organization’s members for its comedic qualities. It soon became a rite of passage for new agents to read Miss Lucy’s account of the case without cracking a smile—none ever succeeded. There are even some people in the organization who enjoy reading about how romance bloomed on the case when Buck Taggerty met the love of his life.

Any thoughts Miss Lucy might’ve had that the two new agents-in-training might make up for Buck’s lack of skills were dashed when she met them. Leticia, her boss, had told her she’d be sending two burlesque showgirls to help on the case, so Miss Lucy thought she’d braced herself for every possibility. Upon meeting Ebony and Ivory, Miss Lucy realized she hadn’t prepared for ‘every possibility’. And Just when things couldn’t possibly get any stranger…they did.
The mission went on record as the zaniest, most hilarious case of Miss Lucy’s entire career. Her team went undercover at a burlesque theater in central Florida owned by a showgirl and her wheelchair-ridden, significantly older husband. The theater was located next to a retirement community filled with rather unique citizens. All of the crazy rumors regarding what may or may not have happened in the nursing home between the patients and some of the team members was finally confirmed in the case files; after said team members were assured immunity from any sort of prosecution. These case files also confirm the almost unbelievable supernatural aspects of the mission.

If anyone within the organization doubted the cats’ roles in what occurred during that mission, the file removes all doubt. The origins of the mysterious pussy brigade are also revealed in full detail. Often spoken about in whispers behind shadows, the full account of what transpired between Miss Lucy and the pussy brigade is spelled out in details even the greenest of recruits to the organization can understand. Miss Lucy had trained agents before, but this is the account of her first training mission under the new directive.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Six Months Without

We have now gone six months without television, and life is much the better for it. 

My partner likes to watch old movies while he works, but I prefer either silence, or Bach or Mozart.

In fact the TV in my workroom hasn't been turned on in three or four weeks.  At least not until last night.  I'd spent a lot of time working in the yard, and was too tired to write or even read.  So, I got out The Closer - I have all seven seasons on DVD - and watched the Pilot and the first two episodes.

Even though I'd seen them a couple of years ago, I was once again struck by the superb writing in this show.  As I recall, the writing was consistently good through all seven seasons.

When Kyra Sedgwick decided to call it quits after seven season, the show continued with a new name and the same cast.  Unfortunately, moving Brenda Leigh Johnson's nemesis Captain Raydor into the spot in charge of the team just didn't work.  Without Sedgwick's character to bounce off of, the show fell flat.  I watched a few episodes while we still had cable, but gave up on it.

My hat is off to an actress and production team who can pull off a consistently great show for seven seasons.