Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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My partner, author Antonio, and I, have started a newsletter, which has only had two issues so far, but it will grow.  In it, we will announce forthcoming books, offer discount coupons, and provide other timely information.  Issue #1 came out in May, and #2 in June.   We somehow missed July, but there will be an edition with book announcements in early August.

To get your e-mail address on the list, please write:


Needless to say, we have no intention of ever sharing that list with anyone.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Interesting Pose


This guy would make a great Tarzan

Dear IRS

43 second space commercial.

Very funny:

Au Naturale

I Don't Need Google

92 Days Without

92 Days Without

Early last year, I began taking a closer look at what the Urban Dictionary refers to as our monthly nut, that is to say, our monthly fixed expenses, and began trimming where I could, cutting back on the few items of overhead that were addressable.

Then, after several months of intermittent discussion, my partner and I finally decided to bite the bullet, and take one final step: we pulled the plug on a totally unnecessary expense: cable television. This happened on April 27th.

As of today, we’ve done without television for ninety-two days, and our lives haven’t changed at all. I barely watched the tube in the first place, because its content is 99.44% drivel. My partner had the set in his workroom on much of the time, but he rarely paid attention to it, because it merely served as background noise while he works. Personally, I prefer Bach or Mozart in the background in my workroom, and if I cannot have them, then I’m quite content with silence. We have a good collection of DVDs, so he uses them for post-tv background noise.

And, two or three nights a week, we actually watch a movie together.

Speaking of DVDs, the variety is limitless. I’d much rather watch a favorite movie for the umpteenth time than almost anything on cable. And there are so many wonderful series available. We have, for example, the complete Upstairs, Downstairs, and any number of other BBC productions. I could, for example, watch I, Claudius, over and over again—it’s that good. Currently, Currently, I spend an hour each evening working my way through Rumpole of the Bailey, and I’m enjoying the shows just as much as I did, the first time I saw them. It makes a refreshing break from writing and editing, or for that matter, reading.

And, if we really want to see a current program (currently, there are only two that are, in my view, worth the effort), I can watch it on the computer a day or so after it was on the air. Unfortunately, the networks are wise to this, and when you watch a show on computer, you are still subjected to those annoying ads. At least, on the computer there’s a tiny box in the corner of the screen that lets you know you’re watching, for example, #1 of 5 commercials, with 100 seconds to go. If you time your bathroom or kitchen breaks carefully, you don’t have to be subjected to a lot of them.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Very funny video

Either this woman is the best actress in the world,
she's blonde to the core.

On the other hand, my partner of almost nineteen years and I have similar conversations.
Why?  Because I'm a linear thinker, and he's a non-liner thinker.
Which is to say that I can start with an idea, and think it through in a straight line to a conclusion; while he will start with the thought, and go off on a thousand tangents.

In any case, the video is hysterically funny:

Suggestive Rock Formation