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Green Eyes Cry, You Die  (a Layton Shayne Mystery)  by Antonio, is now available on

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Gay Detective Layton Shayne is on the case again, this time with his lover Alex working alongside him. If he thought his last case involving a cult and the supernatural had prepared him for everything—he couldn’t have been more wrong. This new case for Leticia Carter and her mysterious organization would take him and Alex from Louisiana to central Florida. They would be on the hunt for a mysterious green-eyed lady statue possessing supernatural powers and rumored to cry real emerald tears which bring death with them.

The hunt for the statue would lead the duo to the small neighboring towns of Mt Ore where they would run into old friends from Shelby, and the town of Aurora founded by new age hippies. They’d also be working with a handsome and amorous new agent by the name of Buck Taggerty, who might just prove to be more troublesome than helpful. It wouldn’t make matters easier that they’d be meeting him at a gay nudist campground being visited by zombies. Resourceful Miss Lucy will be there to lend a helping hand if her roommate, the beautiful Charity, doesn’t do her in first. Sassafras Jones, an old nemesis of Miss Lucy’s also shows up to aid the detective and his partners. It would end up being a case that Layton would describe as anything but boring.

Life is good for the detective who is feeling like a man in love on his honeymoon as the case starts out, but things soon take a crazy turn when he meets Miss Lucy for a briefing. The colorful Miss Lucy has infiltrated the hippie community of Aurora, but is being forced out of the area by her roommate Charity, who is more than a little suspicious of her. Layton also receives condolences from Miss Lucy about having to work alongside Buck Taggerty, an agent the organization has sent to assist him and Alex.

Things are somewhat more pleasant when Layton visits old friends Jimmy and Francisco in Mt Ore, especially when there will be a chance for him and Alex to relax nude in a hot tub. But, just who is it that’s following the detective and what are their intentions? Before Layton can complete the case, a dangerous new enemy emerges who may have ties to an old case. Between fighting zombies and vanquishing foes, will the detective ever manage to locate the highly sought after green-eyed-lady statue and close the case? With guns galore, sickles, and poison in play, Layton is shocked by what finally brings him to his knees as helpless as a child. Without Alex or his other team members to help him, the detective finds aid from where he least expects it, but when he needs it most. A pastor and his wife can help provide clues to what’s going on in the area, if they can be trusted. The organizations top new researcher Noelle is back to help, but is forced to make a sudden departure while working on the case. And Layton wonders exactly what ties, a has-been local actress, sickle carrying senior citizen nudist, and local baker have to the green-eyed lady. All the while, investigating the Cult of the Green-Eyed Lady which just happens to be having their yearly festival at the gay campgrounds while he, Alex, and Buck are there. Will the cult’s orgy and festivities be ruined by unwelcome and deadly visitors?

Zombies, gay nudists, statues with supernatural powers, and aggressive and unusual lovemaking are all just getting to be a regular part of the daily life of detective Layton Shayne and his loving partner Alex.


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